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HighPoint NVMe RAID Series Deliver Mind Blowing Performance!

HighPoint’s RocketRAID 3800 series RAID host bus adapters unlock the performance potential of NVMe SSD’s, and boost RAID performance to stratospheric levels; a single RocketRAID 3840 RAID controller is capable of delivering up to 15,760 MB/s of transfer performance!
The RocketRAID 3800 series are revolutionary NVMe RAID host adapters that intelligently utilize the powerful resources of modern PC platforms. Unhindered by SAS and SATA interfaces, the integrated NVMe technology allows each RAID adapter to take full advantage of PCIe 3.0’s superior transfer bandwidth and deliver a level of performance never before experienced by mainstream PC environments.
HighPoint will offer two distinct NVMe RAID product lines; the RocketRAID 3800 series PCIe 3.0 RAID Host Bus Adapters, and RocketStor 6500 Series External NVMe RAID enclosures. Both series deliver truly unbeatable storage performance, and are backed by HighPoint’s industry-proven RAID technology and professional-grade build quality and reliability.

NVMe RAID Series
RocketRAID 3800 NVMe RAID Host Bus Adapter Series
RocketRAID 3800 series PCIe 3.0 RAID Host Bus Adapters are the Industry's fastest NVMe RAID controller cards. Revolutionize the performance potential of any modern PC platform!
  • Industry's Fastest NVMe RAID Controllers
  • 4x Dedicated PCIe 3.0 x4 Channels
  • Supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 & JBOD
RocketStor 6500 NVMe RAID Enclosure Series
Coming Soon!
  • TBA