Cross-Sync RAID Technology

NVMe Cross-Sync RAID Technology enables administrators to link two SSD7100 controllers or SSD6540 enclosures to act as a single storage device, and double the performance and storage capacity.

Double your Performance and Storage Capability!

28GB/s & 120TB of Storage

HighPoint’s Cross-Sync Solution was designed for seamless integration into today’s fastest workstation and server platforms, which are capable of providing up to 128 lanes of PCIe 3.0 bandwidth. This potent combination is ideal for I/O intensive media applications such as Ultra-HD 8K video editing, which require sustained transfer performance in excess of 17,900 MB/s.

Media professionals working with such hardware can easily link two SSD7101A-1 or SSD7120 NVMe RAID controllers, or a pair of SSD6540 RAID Enclosures to function as a single storage device. Cross-Sync technology enables administrators to configure RAID arrays of up to eight M.2 or U.2 NVMe SSD’s to deliver over 28,000 MB/s of transfer performance, and up to 120TB of storage capacity!