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Accessories Category
HighPoint manufactures a wide selection of high-quality accessories for RocketStor RAID Enclosure Solutions, RocketStor Adapters, and RocketRAID/Rocket series Host Bus Adapters; industry standard data cables for SAS/SATA connectivity, Battery Backup Units for our hardware RAID controllers, Rocket EJ Storage Expansion Modules, which can double or quadruple the storage capability of each Mini-SAS port, and our industry leading Thunderbolt™ and USB Drive Docks.
HighPoint provides a wide-selection of industry-standard data cables designed for use with Rocket and RocketRAID series Host Bus Adapters.
  • SAS/SATA device support
  • Industry Standard port connectivity
RocketStor Enclosure Accessories

RocketStor 64xx Enclosures

  • Available with 4 or 8 Bays
  • Industry Standard Mini-SAS Connectivity
  • Supports SAS or SATA HDD & SSD

Hot-Swap Drive Tray - RocketStor Tray-T

  • Aluminum construction
  • Supports 2.5"/3.5" SAS/SATA HDD's & SSD's
  • Includes mounting screws
RocketStor Drive Docks
RocketStor Storage Docks are ideal for portable computing and crowded desktop or workstation environments.  
  • Open topped design promotes cooling and maximizes your workspace
  • Hot-Swap Support - quick release buttons allow you to easily add or remove drives
  • Fully compatible with PC and Mac platforms
  • Supports any generation of 2.5" and 3.5" SATA hard drives and SSD's
RocketStor Drive Dock Accessories
RSPA50W - RocketStor Drive Dock Power Adapter 50W
  • Designed for HighPoint RocketStor 5212 / 5322 / 5422A / 5411A Drive Docks
  • Power Adapter 1 Meter
  • Power Cord 1.5 Meter for North America
  • DC 12V Barrel Style Power Adapter
External SATA JBOD Modules
Rocket EJ SATA Expander Modules dramatically expand the storage capabilities of RocketRAID HBA's with external Mini-SAS ports. Rocket EJ modules are ideal for applications that demand cost-effective, high-capacity storage configurations, and are available for PC and Mac platforms. The Industry standard Mini-SAS connectors and Centronics compliant form factor allow Rocket EJ modules to be easily integrated into a variety of storage enclosures, chassis and custom-built solutions. Rocket EJ expansion modules deliver a comprehensive selection of enclosure management and monitoring features designed to streamline storage maintenance.

6Gb/s SATA Expansion Modules

  • 6Gb/s per Mini-SAS Port
  • 4x SFF-8087 connectors support up to 16 HDD /
    1x SFF-8088 for host connections
  • Compliant with RocketRAID 644LS

    3Gb/s SATA Expansion Modules

  • 3Gb/s per Mini-SAS Ports
  • 2x SFF-8087 connectors support up to 8 HDD (EJ220)/
    1x SFF-8088 for host connections
  • 4x SFF-8087 connectors support up to 16 HDD (EJ240)/
    1x SFF-8088 for host connections
Battery Backup Units
HighPoint manufactures Battery Backup units for RocketRAID series RAID-on-Chip Host Bus Adapters. Battery Backup Units grant additional layers of data protection in the case of critical system faults and hardware failures.
  • Designed for RocketRAID 4500 and RocketRAID 3600 Series HBA's
  • Provides up to 72 hours of data protection