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Key Features

  • Thunderbolt™2 interface with 20Gbps of throughput in both channels 
  • Solid 2U 16-bay (2.5") rackmount chassis
  • Rear swappable integrated plate drawer for Mac mini
  • Supports sixteen (16) 2.5 inch SSD or HDD Trays
  • 3 PCIe slots support full length and full height PCIe cards
  • Individual key lock on each HDD tray for physical security
  • Server-grade single power supply
2U 16-bay Thunderbolt™ 2 Storage and PCIe Expansion Rackmount Solution
The NA338TB Thunderbolt™ 2 enclosure turns any Mac mini platform into an Enterprise-class rackmount server. With up to 128TB of integrated storage and 3 built-in PCIe slots for PCIe card expansion, the NA338TB is ideal for high-speed SAN architecture. The PCIe expansion slots support Thunderbolt™ Aware PCIe cards, including RocketRAID host adapters, Media Capture cards, and Fibre channel or 10G network interface cards.
Transforms Mac mini platforms into Media Servers!
The Thunderbolt™ NA338TB is equipped with two Thunderbolt™ 2 ports capable of daisy-chaining up to 6 Thunderbolt™ devices and delivering blistering 20Gbps bi-directional I/O performance. Mac mini systems can be easily integrated into the NA338TB chassis using the quick-access removable rear -panel.
Space Efficient, Robust Rackmount design keeps your storage devices cool and secure
Integrated cooling fans and front and rear-panel ventilation ensures the Mac mini platform and PCIe expansion cards operate at the coolest conditions possible to keep high-performance applications running smoothly. The space-saving architecture transforms the Mac mini into enterprise-class server with built-in PCIe expansion and mass storage capability.
Built-In Storage Capability
The 16 internal drive bays support industry standard 2.5" SAS/SATA hard drives or SSD's.
PCIe Expansion Solution
The 3 integrated PCIe slots support a extensive selection of Thunderbolt™ Aware PCIe cards, including HighPoint RocketRAID host adapters.
16-Port PCIe RAID Storage Solution: RocketRAID 2740

HighPoint’s RocketRAID 2740 is an ideal match for the NA338TB. This 16-channel PCIe 2.0 x8 6Gb/s SAS/SATA RAID HBA can be installed into one of the NA338TB’s PCIe 2.0 slots and can directly support drives installed into any of the 16 hot-swap bays via industry standard Mini-SAS cables.

The RocketRAID 2740 employs HighPoint's industry-proven Value RAID Architecture, and can support a wide-range of storage configurations for Mac and PC platforms, including RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, 50 & JBOD.

PCIe Compatibility
Brand Name Model
RAID Card Support
HighPoint RocketRAID 2740 RocketRAID 2740
Software Downloads (PC)
RocketRAID 2740
Software Downloads (Mac)
Audio Card Support
Universal Audio UAD-2 DUO (version 6.3.1+) UAD-2 QUAD  
Video Card Support
BlackMagic DeckLink Studio DeckLink Quad Intensity Pro
DeckLink HD 3D DeckLink 4K (version 9.5+)  
Matrox Mojito MAX
AJA Kona 3G (version 10.3+) Kona LHi Kona LHe Plus
10G Networking Card
ATTO Fast Frame NS11 Fast Frame NS12  
Fast Frame NS14 Fast Frame CS11  
Fast Frame CS12 Fast Frame CS14  
Myricom 10G-PCIE-8B-2C 10G-PCIE-8B-2S 10G-PCIE-8B-C
10G-PCIE-8B-S 10G-PCIE2-8B2-2C  
10G-PCIE2-8B2-2S (version v1.3.1+)    
Small Tree PETG1 series (version v2.14+) PETG2 series PETG4 series