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1. Q: Why is the Power LED on my RS5212 is not lit?

A: The RocketStor 5212, like all Thunderbolt™ devices, requires that the Thunderbolt™ cable be connected to the RocketStor 5212, and the host system, in order to power on.  Double-check the Thunderbolt™ cable connections to the RocketStor 5212 and host system.  Try a second Thunderbolt™ cable, if available. In addition, try cleaning the tip of each Thunderbolt™ cable with alcohol to ensure a secure connection.

2. Q: Why can’t I access my hard drive when inserted into the RocketStor 5212?

A: Your HDD might need to be formatted by Apple Disk Utility. The HDD may also have a file system that is not recognized by Apple OS X

3. Q: Is it possible to connect HDD’s and SSD"s to the RocketStor 5212?

A: Yes, this is possible - both devices can be accessed simultaneously.

4. Q: Why there is no power switch on the RocketStor5212? How can I power off the dock?

A: RS5212 is designed to support Thunderbolt™ power management. It will power off when the host system is inactive (shut down/sleep mode), and if the Thunderbolt™ cable is unplugged.

1. Q: My RocketStor 5212 is not detected by the system. What can cause this?

A: There is no power to RS5212. Confirm if the Thunderbolt™ cable is inserted to RS5212 and your Mac system. Finally check the power adapter cable and make sure it’s connected.

2. Q: Why is the HDD inserted into the RocketStor 5212 not detected by OS X?

A: First, power off the unit and remove the Thunderbolt™ and power cables. Check to see if the HDD is spinning and make sure it is inserted correctly. The HDD should feel warm to the touch if it is getting power. Verify the eject button is not stuck by pressing it several times. After following the steps above, reattach the Thunderbolt™ and power cables, and then plug them back into the Mac system.

3. Q: Is it possible to daisy chain the RocketStor 5212 using another Thunderbolt™ port?

A: Yes, connect the RocketStor 5212 to a Thunderbolt™ down-stream port.
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