12Gb/s SAS RAID Storage Embedded Solutions

HighPoint 12Gb/s SAS RAID controllers are ideal for small-footprint computing platforms. RocketRAID 3700 series controllers feature a low-profile form factor and measure just 5.76 inches in length; an ideal fit for any compact industrial workstation or server application.
To further streamline integration, each controller features an integrated, full-length aluminum heatsink for cooling purposes. The large heatsink enables superior heat dissipation and eliminates the risk of overheating due to a fan failure in a space-limited hardware environment.

Integration Ready

RocketRAID 3700 can be easily integrated into any commercially available server or workstation platform. We have developed complete driver packages for all major operating system platforms including Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux distributions, across both Intel and AMD hardware platforms. These unique device drivers enable our engineers to fine tune each controller to maximize performance, RAID redundancy and ease of integration for each platform, and develop custom driver packages for OEM/ODM project customers. In addition, full API libraries are available for integration projects, and we offer a variety of Enclosure Management services such as SGPIO, SES-2 and I2C.

Versatile Design

RocketRAID 3700 series controllers are available with up to 16 dedicated 12Gb/s device channels for applications that demand internal, external or hybrid port configurations.

RocketRAID 3720A

8x Internal Channels

RocketRAID 3740A

16x Internal Channels

RocketRAID 3742A

8x Internal & 8x External Channels

Industry Proven RAID Technology

For over two decades, HighPoint’s industry proven RAID Technology has powered a wide range of professional grade storage solutions, world-wide. RocketRAID 3700 series RAID controllers employ our 12Gb/s RAID stack to deliver professional grade RAID storage at a fraction of the cost of host RAID solutions. RocketRAID 3700 series controllers support RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 1/0, 5/0 and JBOD configurations, comprised of up to 16 SAS or SATA hard drives of any disk format, including 512, 512e and 4Kn.

Comprehensive RAID Management Solution

Each RocketRAID 3700 series controller includes a comprehensive storage management suite. HighPoint’s universal, easy to use graphical management interface enables users of any skill level to easily configure, monitor, and maintain RAID configurations using any modern web browser.
The universal WebGUI interface provides a wide range of preemptive monitoring and maintenance features that enable administrators to easily schedule verification sessions to ensure each RAID configuration performs optimally. CLI (Command Line Interface) packages are also available for most Linux platforms.

Custom Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Services for OEM/ODM Applications

If you feel constrained by what is available in today’s marketplace, HighPoint has you covered. We offer a wide range of R&D services for the professional solutions provider, including custom hardware & software design, driver development, QA & product qualification, and product branding. HighPoint’s expert staff is ready to guide you through the entire production process, from your initial prototype through small scale production.

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