HighPoint’s High-Density Storage Solutions are powered by our Chameleon Software Packages. Each package provides a comprehensive selection of Storage Management, Monitoring and Notification services, unified by an intuitive Web-based Interface know as the Storage Management Suite.
Storage Overview
  Check Available Storage with a single click.  
The Storage Overview provides a clear, concise summary of all hosted storage devices, including configured disk space, available capacity, and the status of individual drives, enclosures, HBA hardware, and multi-disk configurations.
Configure and Manage Storage Devices
  HighPoint’s Storage Management Suite allows administrators to quickly and easily configure available devices into single-disk, JBOD and RAID configurations.  
A real-time event log records administrative actions and error/warning conditions issued for all hosted storage devices. Email notification and alert services to keep abreast of changing storage conditions.
Monitor Critical enclosure Components
  Maintaining the Health of the Storage Environment  
  The Storage Management suite includes a selection of real-time enclosure monitoring services, which report the status of critical chassis components and environmental conditions. Administrators can monitor the status of power supply units, voltage and the ambient temperature of storage enclosures. Administrators can establish thresholds and enable warning systems to match the specific needs of each storage configuration, and adjust fan speeds in order to maintain stable operating conditions.