User Controlled Cooling Solution

SHI Fan Control & Temperature Monitoring for NVMe SSD's

The SHI feature of the WebGUI management software available for the SSD7101A-1 NVMe RAID controller now includes Fan Control and temperature monitoring for NVMe storage configurations.




Storage Health Inspector, also known as simply SHI, allows administrators to monitor the physical attributes and health of each individual NVMe SSD, and is essential for maintaining a healthy, active NVMe RAID storage configuration.

SHI allows administrators to check the temperature and other SMART attributes of each NVMe SSD, in real time.

This information is critical when manually adjusting fan speed for your configuration.

Due to the Mac Pro's powerful internal cooling apparatus, and depending on the platform's current hardware environment, you may be able to lower fan speed to reduce background noise without compromising the physical health of the NVMe SSD's.

Important: Your NVMe SSD's should always operate within the manufacturer's recommended temperature ranges. Please consult the manufactures official specifications and guidlines for the NVMe SSD's you are working with.




Adjusting Fan Speed

To check or alter the speed of the SSD7101A-1 controller's cooling fan, click the Settings tab.

Under "Set Enclosure Fan Speed", you will see a drop-down window.

The default Fan Speed setting is High.




Four settings are provided for the fan:

  • Off
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High (default)