User Guide

HPTBBU-05 is an optional Battery Backup Unit RocketRAID 6Gb/s RAID-on-Chip HBA's. maximizes data protection without sacrificing performance.

HPTBBU-05 enhances controller performance and increases SATA and SAS storage system reliability by offering a unique set of data protection and data recovery features.

HPTBBU-05 can dramatically improve recovery times in the event of a power outage or severe non-storage related hardware failure. Data in transit between the system and storage device is normally lost during such an event. However, HPTBBU-05 works in conjunction with the RocketRAID 4500 HBA's integrated NVRAM with write-journaling to preserve data for up to 72 hours.
HPTBBU-05 Specifications and Features
Detection of BBU (Installed -Yes/No) in controller BIOS and Web GUI.
Real-time, BBU Status Monitoring :
• Charge/discharge progress
• Remaining charge level
• Temperature and Voltage levels
Low-charge warning indicator and audible
Fully charges within 24 hours (from complete discharge to full capacity)
Provides up to 72 hours of data protection
Kit Contents
1 x HPTBBU-05 battery backup unit
1 x 8-pin cable
1 x Low Profile Bracket