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RAID/Host Adapter > 6Gb/s SATA PCIe 2.0 RAID HBA Category
HighPoint's Rocket and RocketRAID 6Gb/s SATA HBA's represent the industry's most comprehensive, and affordable selection of 6Gb/s SATA PCIe host controllers. Powered industry-proven RAID-on-Chip and Hardware Assisted RAID technology, PCI-Express 2.0 host interface, SATA port multiplier support, and industry-standard SATA, e-SATA and Mini-SAS connectivity, HighPoint SATA 6Gb/s HBA's are the ideal storage solution for any computing platform - from entry-level RAID 5 solutions to Enterprise Servers and Professional Media Workstations.
HighPoint SATA 6Gb/s RAID / Non-RAID HBA's
RocketRAID 3600 Series
HighPoint RocketRAID 3600 6Gb/s SATA RAID-on-Chip HBA's are the industry's most affordable, high-performance 6Gb/s SATA hardware RAID controllers. The dedicated RAID-on-Chip processor and 512MB of DDR3 cache offload all RAID related processing from the host system, freeing up valuable resources and ensuring consistent, high-speed data transfer. A comprehensive management suite delivers a wide-selection of storage monitoring, maintenance and recovery features to secure mission critical data from the risks of hardware failure.
  • Marvell 88RC9580
  • 8 6Gb/s SATA channels
  • PCI-Express 2.0 x8 Host Interface
  • HighPoint Value RAID Technology
The RocketRAID 3600 Series is no longer in production.

We recommend the RocketRAID 4500 series a replacement/upgrade.

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RocketRAID 600 Series
RocketRAID 600 series HBA's are the ideal 6Gb/s SATA storage solution for any PC or Mac. Available with 1 to 4 Mini-SAS/SATA/eSATA ports in internal and external configurations, RocketRAID 600 series HBA's are capable of supporting point-to-point and Port Multiplier based storage devices. The compact PCB design, available low-profile form factor and industry standard port connectors make any storage upgrade, integration or expansion project a snap.
  • Up to 4 6Gb/s SATA channels
  • PCI-Express 2.0 Host Interface
  • HighPoint Hardware Assisted RAID
Rocket 750
HighPoint's revolutionary architecture allows a single host adapter card to support up to 40 SATA hard drives, and represents the industry's lowest-cost mass SATA storage solution.
  • Industry’s 1st 40-Port SATA 6Gb/s HBA
  • Up to 40 SATA HDD on single HBA!
  • Simplify Mass Storage Connectivity!
  • Intelligent Storage Health Manager
Rocket 600 Series
HighPoint's Rocket 600 series are the industry's most affordable SATA 6Gb/s PCI-Express 2.0 HBA's. These best-selling host controllers are the ideal low-cost storage upgrade for any desktop PC, and support up to 4 internal or external SATA hard drives and SSD's. Rocket 600 series HBA's are industry AHCI compliant SATA 6Gb/s Host controllers.
  • Up to 4 6Gb/s SATA channels
  • PCI-Express 2.0 Host Interface
  • AHCI Based driver-less HBA