HighPoint SATA Bulk Storage Solution: Scalable up to 4 Controllers and 160 Drives!

HighPoint’s direct attached SATA Bulk Storage solution enables customers to install up to four Rocket 750 host adapters into a single system, and configure them to act as a single device capable of supporting up to 160 drives and an astonishing 2,240TB of storage capacity!

  • Available with 40, 80, 120 & 160 6Gb/s SATA device channels
  • 10 to 40x Internal Mini-SAS SFF-8087 Connectors
  • PCIe 2.0 x8 Host Interface
  • Up to 2,240TB of storage capacity!
  • Comprehensive OS Support: Windows, Linux Distributions, FreeBSD
  • Simple and Intuitive Drive Monitoring and Management Interface

Intelligent Storage Health Manager

HighPoint’s comprehensive Bulk Storage management suite is known as Intelligent Storage Health Manager (ISHM). ISHM provides a summary of all hosted storage devices, including available capacity, the status of individual drives, and the health of each Rocket 750 HBA.

A built-in SMART monitoring service provides real time data for each individual SATA hard drive, and actively records every warning, error, and hardware related failure to an Event Log. ISHM allows administrators to login remotely via an internet connection or local network, and configure Email notification and alert services to keep abreast of changing storage conditions while in the field.

Drive Identification made Easy

Identifying a failed hard disk in a large-scale storage configuration can be a complicated affair. In most cases, the logical numbering or ordering of the drives is dependent on the operating system, while each individual disk is associated with a device port number on the controller or the chassis backplane, via physical connection. Determining how one correlates with the other can lead to major headaches unless everything was mapped out ahead of time.
HighPoint’s Identify Drive feature takes the pain and guesswork out of drive identification. Administrators can instantly “mark” any drive hosted by any Rocket 750 card installed into the system by flashing its corresponding LED, and quickly locate and isolate the problem disk for maintenance or replacement. This simple yet elegant feature can shave precious minutes off any troubleshooting session and help minimize downtime.

Staggered Power Up Solution

HighPoint’s Staggered Booting Solution eliminates the need for high output power supplies to accommodate high density storage configurations. Staggered Spinup technology allows customers to reduce build-cost while avoiding excessive power consumption during boot up.
The Rocket 750 is capable of powering drives in groups during startup to avoid overwhelming the system’s power supply. Staggered Drive Spinup ensures each disk has ample time to fully power on and respond to queries from the controller and operating system. This feature dramatically lowers the risk of a dropped disk, and as a result, minimizes the risks of data loss.

Optional LCD Monitoring

The Rocket 750 is available with an optional LCD panel, which can be incorporated into the storage chassis or enclosure. The LCD was designed to provide a quick “at-a-glance” overview of the drives hosted by each Rocket 750 controller card, and is capable of reporting the unique identifier of each individual disk (such as the model and serial number), the total number of hosted disks, and the total number of failed disks.

  1. Present Drive Status, Total Failed Drive and Total drives connected to R750:

  2. Displays Disk Model and Serial Number:

  3. When a Failed Disk is identified, the characters on screen will blink to alert the user and display the Failed Drive’s Number.