Rapidly Transform Your Concept to Finished Product

Comprehensive Product Management Solutions

HighPoint’s experienced and knowledgeable Project Management Team delivers a wide range of professional design, development and manufacturing services that enable OEM/ODM clients to meet strict production deadlines, and ensure the final product is in full compliance with the project’s specifications.
Our in-house hardware and software engineering teams benefit from over two decades of experience designing, developing, and manufacturing storage and connectivity solutions. Our strong technology partnerships with leading storage providers enables us to streamline the entire concept to production workflow, and focus on identifying the best possible solution for each individual project and the target system infrastructure.

Software Design & Development

  • Firmware Programming on MCU or SOC.
  • OS Driver Development.
  • Integration Programming Kits.
  • Customized off-the-shelf-solutions.

Hardware Design & Development

  • Storage/Connectivity function Electronics board: from Schematic design through PCB fabrication and Assembly.
  • Enclosure/Casing: includes Metal, Aluminum and Plastic materials; from Mechanical 3D design, Mechanical/Plastic Molding through Production.

Unparalleled Manufacturing Expertise

Since our foundation in 1995, HighPoint has manufactured a wide range of storage devices including controller IC’s, HBA’s and RAID Controller cards, storage and connectivity expansion devices, and storage enclosures. Years of manufacturing expertise allows us to offer targeted assistance at any stage of development. Our veteran Production Management team will navigate you through any challenging scenario, streamline your operations, and improve manufacturing efficiency.

OEM Procedures

HighPoint is ready to extend a helping hand throughout the project’s development cycle. Years of design, manufacturing and qualification experience enable us to quickly transform your concept into a finished storage module; from the initial planning and prototype stages through mass production.

Step 1: Customer introduces product concept and target application

For this initial stage, it’s our job to Listen, Understand and Share our professional advice. The customer will describe the proposed product’s functionality, design requirements and the target application, or primary challenge that must be overcome.

Step 2: Project Solutions Proposal

At this stage, HighPoint will present the design of the proposed solution to the customer, and explain how it is capable of tackling the main challenge. HighPoint will discuss the required hardware and software development, and provide an estimated timeline for the project.

Step 3: Provide Digital Design & Integration Concept

Step 3 represents the first “milestone” of the project. At this stage, the project design drawing/ schematic is delivered to the customer for review in a digital format, such as DXF or DWG. The product design will be electronically “verified” to ensure the design is physically sound before the sample prototypes are constructed for the initial manufacturing analysis.

Step 4: Engineering Sample - PCB Module Functionality Validation

This stage of the process includes the analysis of the manufacturing requirements & assembly process, including PCB fabrication & PCBA integration. During this process, HighPoint engineering teams will test manufacture and assemble the first physical prototype in house to identify any possible manufacturing or fabrication concerns, and make adjustments where necessary.
HighPoint will then compose standardized manufacturing and Quality Control procedures for the project, including IQC and FQC quality assurance checklists.

Step 5: Project Integration Validation

During this stage, HighPoint will validate the Module Prototype by integrating it into the Project’s target System infrastructure. The device will be tested in the hardware and software environment supplied by the customer, using the customer’s specified test procedures, to verify its functionality and integrity in real word conditions.

Step 6: Delivery of the Finished Prototype to the Customer

At this stage, HighPoint will provide the finished Module Protype and a complete validation report (Step 4 and 5) to the customer for review.

Step 7: Customer Validation

The customer will validate the prototype with the target test application and environment. HighPoint will allocate resources and provide consultation to fine-tune the prototype throughout the entirety of the Customer Validation process.

Step 8: Mass Production Preparation

After the prototype has been validated by the customer, HighPoint will finalize the prototype and prepare it for mass production. A QC (Quality Assurance Check) SOP will be provided to the customer in order verify the product is manufactured in full compliance with each individual project’s requirements.