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HighPoint RocketRAID 3800 Host Adapter Series Delivers Mind Blowing NVMe RAID Performance!

HighPoint’s RocketRAID 3800 series RAID host bus adapters unlock the performance potential of NVMe SSD’s, and boost RAID performance to stratospheric levels; a single RocketRAID 3840A RAID controller is capable of delivering up to 15,760 MB/s of transfer performance!
The RocketRAID 3800 series are revolutionary NVMe RAID host adapters that intelligently utilize the powerful resources of modern PC platforms. Unhindered by SAS and SATA interfaces, the integrated NVMe technology allows each RAID adapter to take full advantage of PCIe 3.0’s superior transfer bandwidth and deliver a level of performance never before experienced by mainstream PC environments.
HighPoint will offer two distinct NVMe RAID product lines; the RocketRAID 3800 series PCIe 3.0 RAID Host Bus Adapters, and RocketStor 6500 Series External NVMe RAID enclosures. Both series deliver truly unbeatable storage performance, and are backed by HighPoint’s industry-proven RAID technology and professional-grade build quality and reliability.

HighPoint RocketRAID 3840A Adapter Series Revolutionize RAID Storage; Unbeatable NVMe Performance and Unprecedented Storage Scalability at an Affordable price point.

HighPoint’s revolutionary RocketRAID 3800 series adapters allows any modern PC platform with sufficient PCIe bandwidth to harness the power of up to eight individual RocketRAID 3840A adapters, which can work in unison to deliver an astounding 8x 15,760 MB/s of transfer bandwidth! RocketRAID 3800 series adapters seamlessly merge HighPoint’s industry proven RAID technology with the extraordinary performance capabilities of NVMe technology – customers familiar with the basics of RAID will feel immediately at home with any 3800 series RAID controller.

No Restraints! HighPoint RocketSpace™ can dramatically enhance the performance envelope of any modern PCIe 3.0 capable PC platform.

The RocketRAID 3800 series are Microsoft Windows compatible NVMe RAID host bus adapters, and offer superior compatibility with support for off-the-shelf 2.5” NVMe SSD's and PC Platforms. Future releases will expand our OS Support Portfolio for other leading platforms.
RocketRAID 3800 adapters were designed from the ground up to ensure compatibility with a wide array of modern Windows-based computing platforms. The affordable price point combined with and broad system support allows value-add integrators, hardcore gamers, enthusiasts and prosumers alike take advantage of technology once exclusive to enterprise or high-price tag environments.

HighPoint Brings Affordable NVMe RAID Storage to Prosumer Applications

For over two decades HighPoint has brought cutting edge technology to value-add integrators, power user and prosumer customers. We take pride in our ability to consistently deliver cutting edge storage performance at an affordable price point.
Our NVMe RAID product lines represent our latest technology milestone – HighPoint RocketRAID 3800 Series PCIe 3.0 NVMe RAID Host Adapters and RocketStor 6500 Series NVMe RAID Enclosures are the next generation of personalized storage solutions, and allow mainstream PC platforms to fully harness the extreme performance potential of NVMe technology.

Customized NVMe RAID Products & Services for Integration Customers

For over a decade, HighPoint has been providing integration and branding services to project customers across the globe. Our RocketRAID 3800 adapter series employ homegrown NVMe RAID technology, developed by our experienced in-house engineering teams. This allows us to offer a wide range of Customized Solutions and ODM services for Integration Customers. We can tailor RocketRAID 3800 host bus adapters to meet the requirements of project request, and are ready to assist Solution Providers with unique product branding.