• 2x Thunderbolt™ USB-C Ports featuring 40Gb/s Speed bandwidth
  • Performance up to 2,700MB/s1
    • SSD RAID 0 Array Up to 2,700MB/s
    • SSD RAID 5 Array up to 2,700MB/s
    • HDD RAID 0 Array Up to 2,000MB/s
    • HDD RAID 5 Array up to 1,700MB/s
  • Integrated SAS/SATA Hardware RAID Technology
  • Advanced Streaming I/O sustained high-performance data transfer
  • Storage Capacity up to 8x 10TB or Larger Spindle HDD
  • High-Speed Storage up to 8x SSD
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What is Thunderbolt™ 3

High-Speed, Big Data or All-In-One: Your Choice!

Experience the Speed and Flexibility of RocketStor's Open Storage Concept: Each RocketStor enclosure was designed to accommodate a multitude of storage configurations and applications; SSD's for Maximum Performance, HDD's for Mass Storage, or a combination of both for tasks that call for high-speed workspace and archiving capability.

The RocketStor 6618A is significant more versatile that conventional solutions which rely on pre-packaged storage comprised solely of drives of the same speed and capacity. Customers are free mix and match disks of different capacities and speed levels to meet the needs of any application.

Equipped with the latest Thunderbolt™ 3 USB-C technology, the RocketStor 6618A can deliver 40Gbps transfer rates. Projects utilizing 4K DPX 16 bit footage require approximately 1,790MB/s of transfer performance; the RocketStor 6618A is capable of supporting full 4K uncompressed video production, In addition, if the source is ProRes 444, the RocketStor 6618A can support over 5 individual streams!

8x SSD Array

SSD Array performance up to 2700MB/s; supports uncompressed 4K video editing.

8x HDD Array

HDD Array capacity up 80 TB Store up to 20 hours 4K DPX footage.

2x SSD Array

2x SSD Array

2x HDD Array

2x HDD Array

Consolidate multiple Arrays for different project in one RAID Enclosure.

Comprehensive RAID Modes Meet all of Your Applications Needs

The RocketStor 6618A was designed for Professional Media Applications that demand consistent high speed transfers, flexibility and uncompromised reliability.

RAID Level Number of Disks Capacity Performance Redundancy Protection
0 At least 2 to 8 100%
1 At least 2 50%
5 At least 3 to 8 67% ~ 87%
6 At least 4 to 8 50% ~ 75%
50 Requires 6 or 8 50% ~ 87%

For raw power, customers can configure RAID 0 arrays comprised solely of SSD’s to attain up to 2,700MB of transfer performance. Hardware RAID 5 and 6 deliver the optimal combination of data security and performance; “stripe” RAID capability with protection for up to 1 and 2 disks respectively.

Simplify Your Workplace with Performance

The RocketStor 6618A makes this possible; Simultaneously Edit, Playback and Archive using a single, universal storage platform!

Enjoy fast data transfer speeds up to 2,700MB/s and simultaneously support up to 2x 4K displays . The RocketStor 6618A is the Ultimate Solution for highly productive, space efficient work environments. Daisy-chain capability enables the RocketStor 6618A to support 6 Thunderbolt™ devices from a single USB-C port!

Safeguard Your Storage Investments

The RocketStor 6618A seamlessly integrates LED features, an audible alarm, and intelligent cooling apparatus to ensure your storage investments stay healthy and accessible.

Intuitive LED's

  • Activity - Blinking blue
  • Power On - Solid Blue
  • Fail - Solid red
  • Identify - Blinking Red

Intelligent Fan Control

Automatically adjusts fans speeds to maintain consistent ambient temperatures while keeping unwanted noise to a minimum.

Audible Alarms

Configure to notify in case of overheating or device failure.

Configurable Event Notification

Get RAID Storage Health Status updates anytime, anywhere, via Email.

Uncompromised RAID Architecture

Storage Availability and Accessibility

Hardware RAID 5 and 6 protection shields storage configurations from 1 or 2 disk failures, respectively. The RocketStor Storage Health Inspector SHI) proactively maintains the health of arrays and keep storage ready & able.

HighPoint DV Mode for Streaming Performance

DV Mode Technology intelligently manages the flow of large data blocks and write-back caching to minimize latency and ensure consistent, sustained high-performance transfers for media-rich applications.

Robust RAID Protection

The built-in NVRAM constantly tracks in-progress writes to preserve the integrity of data in the event of a drive failure or system crash, and streamline recovery procedures while minimizing downtime.

Open-Box Storage Solution

Features an “open-box” approach to storage, which grants customers the freedom to use their choice of SAS or SATA drive from all major drive brands. Customers can add drives as needed to meet the evolving performance or capacity requirements of the storage application.

Storage Expansion Ready

Daisy-Chain capability allows customers to link as many as 6 independent RocketStor 6618A units using a single Thunderbolt™ 3 host port. The Online Capacity Expansion and RAID Migration allow customers to modify RAID configurations or expand existing storage while avoiding complicated, time consuming backup and restoration procedures.

Embrace Old and New Thunderbolt™ Systems

Connect to Thunderbolt™ 3 USB-C Host Systems to experience maximum transfer bandwidth at 40Gb/s

USB-C to USB-C Cable (Thunderbolt™ 3)

No Restrictions: Connect to any existing Thunderbolt™ or Thunderbolt™ 2 Host System

Thunderbolt™ Cable

USB-C to Thunderbolt™ Adapter

(Sold Separately - Available from Apple)

Kit Contents

  • 1x 8-Bay Tower RAID Enclosure
  • 8x Drive Trays
  • 1x Thunderbolt™ 3 40Gb/s Cable (2 meters)
  • 1x UL Power Cord
  • 32x 3.5” HDD mounting screws
  • 32x 2.5” SSD mounting screws
  • 1x Quick Installation Guide

RocketStor 6600 Series RAID Enclosures

Features RocketStor 6618A RocketStor 6618T
Number of Drive Bays 8 8
RAID Technology Hardware RAID Turbo RAID
RAID Level Support 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 & JBOD 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 & JBOD
RAID Block Size Up to 1MB Up to 128KB
DV Mode Technology Yes N/A
Drive Interface SAS & SATA SATA
Max. RAID 0 Performance Up to 2,700 MB/s Up to 2,700 MB/s
Max. RAID 5 Performance Up to 2,700 MB/s Up to 2,400 MB/s
RAID 0 Capacity up to 80TB Yes Yes
RAID 5 Capacity up to 70TB Yes Yes
SSD Support Yes Yes
HDD Support Yes Yes
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years

Note: HighPoint RocketStor Hardware RAID Enclosures feature integrated RAID-on-Chip I/O Processors and Cache Memory, and are fully independent from the host system in order to maximize data security and performance.
RocketStor Turbo RAID enclosures utilize the host system’s surplus CPU and memory resources to enhance transfer speeds.

1Actual performance will vary depending on system environment (system configuration, disk configuration).