• 2x Thunderbolt™ USB-C Ports featuring 40Gb/s Speed bandwidth
  • HighPoint Turbo RAID Technology
  • Performance up to 2,400MB/s1
  • 8x Hot-swappable HDD / SSD Drive Bays
  • User Friendly RAID Management Suite
  • Blazing Fast, Consistent, & Smooth Data Transfer for large block size Applications
  • Enhanced Storage Cooling Solution
  • Refined 2nd Generation Chassis Design eases Maintenance

The Rocketstor 6628T was designed for professional applications that require high-speed data transfer, or non-RAID capability. Powered by our industry proven Turbo RAID stack, and a generous Thunderbolt™ 3 transfer bandwidth, the RocketStor 6628T excels at single-task workflows with large data blocks, such as media streaming applications, asset libraries and backup solutions.

Streamlined RAID Management for Professionals

Each RocketStor 6628T RAID enclosure includes our newly redesigned, easy to use web-based management utility. The built-in Array Configuration Wizard allows users of any experience level to create any type of RAID array in three easy steps; simply select your RAID level, pick your drives and go! Creating arrays has never been easier!

Optional Advanced Management Features allow customers to fine tune RAID arrays for specific projects, designate spare disks for recovery, and schedule routine automated maintenance sessions with Email notification to keep one abreast of changing storage conditions while outside of the work environment.

Fast, Consistent, & Smooth Data Transfer for large block size Applications

The RocketStor 6628T 2nd Generation Series Thunderbolt™ 3 RAID enclosures feature the latest iteration of HighPoint’s industry proven, cost-effective Turbo RAID stack, which features substantial refinements to both transfer performance and stability for professional storage applications.

RocketStor 6628T benefits from streamlined performance and highly stable transfers for large block size applications such as video production and editing, media streaming and content creation.

Enhanced Storage Cooling Solution

The ability to manage the high-levels of heat generated by pronged, sustained I/O sessions on today’s high-capacity hard disks is a prime concern when choosing the right RAID enclosure solution. RocketStor 6628 Series RAID enclosures seamlessly integrate LED’s, audible alarms, and superior cooling apparatus to ensure your storage investments and the critical data they host stay cool, healthy and productive. Proactive monitoring systems intelligently adjust fan speed on the fly to eject waste heat from the chassis and prolong the life of today’s high-capacity SAS and SATA hard drives.

High-Speed, Big Data or All-In-One: Your Choice!

Experience the Speed and Flexibility of RocketStor's Open Storage Concept: Each RocketStor enclosure was designed to accommodate a multitude of storage configurations and applications; SSD's for Maximum Performance, HDD's for Mass Storage, or a combination of both for tasks that call for high-speed workspace and archiving capability.

The RocketStor 6628T is significant more versatile that conventional solutions which rely on pre-packaged storage comprised solely of drives of the same speed and capacity. Customers are free mix and match disks of different capacities and speed levels to meet the needs of any application.

8x SSD Array

SSD Array performance up to 2700MB/s; supports uncompressed 4K video editing.

8x HDD Array

HDD Array capacity up 80 TB Store up to 20 hours 4K DPX footage.

2x SSD Array

2x SSD Array

2x HDD Array

2x HDD Array

Consolidate multiple Arrays for different project in one RAID Enclosure.

Safeguard Your Storage Investments

The RocketStor 6628T seamlessly integrates LED features, an audible alarm, and intelligent cooling apparatus to ensure your storage investments stay healthy and accessible.

Intuitive LED's

  • Activity - Blinking blue
  • Power On - Solid Blue
  • Fail - Solid red
  • Identify - Blinking Red

Intelligent Fan Control

Automatically adjusts fans speeds to maintain consistent ambient temperatures while keeping unwanted noise to a minimum.

Audible Alarms

Configure to notify in case of overheating or device failure.

Configurable Event Notification

Get RAID Storage Health Status updates anytime, anywhere, via Email.

HighPoint Turbo RAID Architecture

HighPoint’s industry proven Turbo RAID stack leverages the powerful system resources and Thunderbolt™ 3 host interface of today’s modern computing platforms. HighPoint Turbo class RAID solutions deliver the market’s best Cost-Performance RAID & JBOD Storage; ideal for applications that require fast data transfer and secure, mass-storage capability, such as compiling media libraries or archiving critical assets.

Open-Box Storage Solution

The RocketStor 6628T features “open-box” approach to storage, which grants customers the freedom to use their choice of SATA drive from all major drive brands. You are free to add drives as needed to meet the evolving performance or capacity requirements of the storage application.

Storage Expansion Ready

Online Capacity Expansion and RAID Migration allow customers to modify RAID configurations or expand existing storage while avoiding complicated, time consuming backup and restoration procedures.

Kit Contents

  • 1x 8-Bay Tower RAID Enclosure
  • 8x Drive Trays
  • 1x Thunderbolt™ 3 40Gb/s Cable
  • 1x UL Power Cord
  • 32x 3.5” HDD mounting screws
  • 32x 2.5” SSD mounting screws
  • 1x Quick Installation Guide

1Actual performance will vary depending on system environment (system configuration, disk configuration).