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SATA Aggregation Technology: Designed for petabyte Storage Solutions Scalable up to 160 SATA Drives!

HighPoint’s SATA Aggregation solution allows up to four Rocket 750 host adapters to be installed into a single system, and configured to support up to 160 drives and an astounding 1280TB of storage capacity! Each mini-SAS port supports up to four SATA hard drives: A single Rocket 750 is capable of supporting up to 40 8TB 6Gb/s SATA disks, for an unprecedented 320TB of directed-attached storage.

HighPoint SATA Aggregation Technology is ideal for data-intensive, archival storage applications such as Video Libraries, Cloud Storage Services, and Genomic Research & Development projects.

Smart and Easy Way to Locate a Physical Drive Failure

Isolating a failed hard disk in large-scale storage configurations can be a complicated and time consuming task. The logical numbering or ordering of the drives is dependent on the operating system, and each individual disk is associated with a device port on the SAS controller or the chassis backplane, via physical connection.
The challenge an administrator must face is how to translate a device number from the OS into a physical location?
HighPoint’s simple, yet elegant Identify Drive management feature allows administrators to instantly mark any individual drive hosted by any Rocket 750 card installed into the system. Customers can quickly locate and isolate problem disks for troubleshooting or replacement.

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Staggered Power up Solution

Unlike normal operating conditions, hard drives require considerably more power during the initial spin-up phase. Due to the nature of their design, spinning up the platters of each individual disk in configurations of 40 or more drives can put quite a strain on the PSU. In order to avoid overwhelming the power supply or expensive hardware upgrades, powering up groups of disks at timed intervals is a requirement for large scale storage configurations.

The Rocket 750’s Staggered Drive Spin-Up solution supports PUIS enabled hard drives and can reduce operating costs.

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Smart Kernel Build Module

For Linux-based storage servers, updating the kernel is a routine procedure. Host adapters with embedded Linux drivers are considered a crucial factor in the effort to minimize downtime and maintenance costs. However, such controllers introduce a dilemma for solution providers – how do we balance the high up-front costs with the need for a robust feature set?

HighPoint has the solution - the Rocket 750. This highly cost-effective and full-featured host adapter was designed specifically for high-density Storage applications. Its innovative Smart Kernel Build Module allows customers to avoid the expense of embedded controller hardware, and transparently compile drivers for each kernel update without human-intervention!

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Integration-Ready Development Kits

Whether your project requires Direct or Backplane Connectivity for massive, SATA hard drive storage solutions, HighPoint has the controller solution you are looking for!

Our Web-based Drive Management utility is available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and FreeNAS platforms. In addition, we offer Integration Ready software packages for integrating the Rocket 750 into existing storage infrastructure. Please contact Sales@highpoint-tech.com for more information.