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1. Q: My RAID array is reported as “offline” and “disabled”. What should I do?

A: A power failure may have caused the hard drives to go offline. Try shutting down the system then powering it on once more.  If the RAID is still disabled, you should open a support ticket using the Online Web Support portal, and submit a request for information about recovering disabled RAID arrays.


1. Q: What type’s of HDD’s are recommended for the enclosure?

A: Any industry-standard 3.5" SAS or SATA HDD’s are supported. However, we strongly recommend using Enterprise or RAID Edition HDD’s for RAID applications.

2. Q: Is it possible to install both (SAS and SATA) HDD’s in the enclosure?

A: Yes, it is possible to mix and match HDD’s.

3. Q: What RAID levels are supported?  

A: Hardware RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and JBOD.

4. Q: Is it possible to configure multiple RAID arrays?

Yes, it is possible as long as you have the required number of HDD’s for the specific RAID level.

5. Q: Is it possible to configure and use the HDD’s as non-RAID?

A: Yes, all HDD will be detected and recognized as legacy by default. You can format and use the HDD’s immediately.

6. Q: My HDD’s has data; if I configure it for a RAID array will the data be erased?

A: Yes, all data from the HDD’s will be erased when configuring a RAID array.

7. Q: Do I need to install any software to use the product?

A: Yes, software installation is required. A new RAID management webGUI and updated driver need to be installed.

8. Q: Are there other devices I can connect to the RocketStor 6328 adapter other than the HDD enclosure?

A: Yes, in addition to the bundled HDD enclosure, the RocketStor 6328 can also support LTO TAPE devices. Please download and install the latest firmware and driver to support tape devices.

9. Q: What device can I connect to the downstream Thunderbolt™ port? Does it affect performance?

A: Any Thunderbolt™ device can be daisy-chained on the downstream port. For example, you can daisy chain another HighPoint RocketStor Thunderbolt™ product. However, to achieve maximum performance, we recommend connecting the RocketStor 6328 to a separate (non-shared) Thunderbolt™ port (no daisy-chain configuration).

10. Q: How do I verify the RocketStor 6328AS is installed correctly?

A: Navigate to "System Information", and expand the "Thunderbolt" entry; there should be an entry for the RocketStor 6328. Next, go to "PCI Cards" and examine the 6328 entry, and verify that "Driver Installed" is "Yes".

11. Q: Can I install multiple RS6328 in one system?

A: Yes, multiple RocketStor 6328AS units can be used together. However the WebGUI cannot create arrays between drives on separate units. If you want to create a single large volume using one or more RocketStor 6328AS units, you would need to create separate arrays for each RocketStor first, then combine these arrays using the operating system’s storage utility (such as OS X Disk Utility).

12. Q: Can the RocketStor 6328AS support OCE/ORLM?

A: The OCE/ORLM feature can only be used with Windows operating systems. Mac OS X cannot support OCE/ORLM.
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