NVMe RAID Controllers


1) Windows OS Support

Q: I am currently using Windows 7. Would I need to upgrade to win10 in order to use this controller?

A: SSD7100 series NVMe RAID controllers are not compatible with Windows 7. You would need Windows 10 or later.

2) Motherboard Compatibility

Q: Are there any limitations regarding motherboard compatibility?

A: Please refer to the compatibility list provided for each SSD7100 RAID controller (under each model's Resources page). We do not recommend using these controllers with motherboards that use a PLX 8747 switch.

3) Bootable Support

Q: Can I use this card to boot from an NVMe drive or RAID array?

A: The SSD7101A-1 and SSD7120 cannot be used to boot. However, the SSD7102 and SSD7110 do support bootable NVMe drives or RAID arrays.

4) OS RAID Support

Q: Can I use the operating system to create a RAID array between the NVMe drives?

A: This is possible, but we recommend using the RAID controller's interface, NVMe Manager. NVMe Manager not only superior performance, it provides many monitoring functions for RAID arrays and individual drives, such as SMART and TBW (total bytes written).

5) M.2 SATA Compatibility

Q: Will the SSD7101A-1, SSD7102 or SSD7110 work with Samsung 860 250g NVMe M.2 drives?

A: SSD7100 Series RAID controllers only support NVMe M.2 drives. The Samsung 860 M.2 drive is a SATA drive, and cannot be used with this series.

6) PCIe Lane Requirements

Q: My motherboard has 16 avaiable PCIe Lanes. Can it support an SSD7100 Series RAID controller?

A: SSD7100 Series controllers are compatible with any motherboard with a PCIe Gen 3 slot. A PCIe Gen 3 x16 slot is ideal, but it can be used with x8 or smaller, but the performance will be lower. You will also need a minimum of 16 available lanes in your CPU. If your CPU only has 16 lanes total, you will be able to use the SSD7100 RAID controller, but will be unable to use any other device that requires PCIe lanes.

7) Maximizing NVMe Performance

Q: How can I maximize the performance capability of my NVMe storage configuration?

A: Guides are available for both Mac and Windows platforms: Mac | Windows

8) Slow Performance with VROC Motherboards

Q: My SSD7100 controller is performing slower than expected with my VROC motherboard. How can I resolve this?

A: PCIe slots associated with the VROC feature may limit performance. More information is available here.

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