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faq FAQ0044All components
The ‘Base System Device ` driveAfter installing the host adapter with the Windows driver, there is a entry in Windows Device Manager with a yellow mark for “Base System Device” Where is this driver package for that entry?
Mar 25th 2013HighPoint Global SupportBase System Device890
faq FAQ0043All components
Does your RocketRAID and RocketU family series controllers support 3TB or 4TB HDD?Does your RocketRAID and RocketU family series controllers support 3TB or 4TB HDD?
Jan 21st 2013HighPoint Global Support3TB 4TB HDD1341
faq FAQ0041All components
RAID configuration is compatibleWill my RAID disk maintain the same if I relocate it to different HighPoint Host Bus Adpaters?
Oct 18th 2012HighPoint Global SupportData compatible900
faq FAQ0039All components
How to let Windows recognize RAID diskWindows can’t recognize the RAID disk
Jul 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportDisk volume1426
faq FAQ0038All components
WDC Green drive (WD30EZRX)I got system time out error and RAID disk broken frequently
Jul 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportGreen drive (WD30EZRX)924
faq FAQ0037All components
WebGUI password resetI forgot my Windows system WebGUI password and how to reset it?
Jul 19th 2012HighPoint Global Supportpassword719
faq FAQ0036All components
RAID6 capacityWhat’s the maximum RAID6 disk capacity I can create
Jun 1st 2012HighPoint Global SupportRAID6 capacity367
faq FAQ0035All components
RAID5 capacityWhat’s the maximum RAID5 disk capacity I can create
Jun 1st 2012HighPoint Global SupportRAID5 capacity613
faq FAQ0034All components
“Disabled” status RAID recovery [For RR6xx(L)/RR26xx/RR27xx/RR45xx Series]How to recover my “disabled” status RAID disk?
Jun 1st 2012HighPoint Global SupportRecover “disabled” RAID status766
faq FAQ0031All components
“Disabled” markI saw a “Disabled” mark shown on RAID management GUI applications and I couldn’t access my RAID disk.
Jun 1st 2012HighPoint Global SupportThe “Disabled” mark is shown on RAID management GUI Applications403
faq FAQ0029All components
TRIM SupportDoes your RocketRAID controllers support TRIM?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportSSD and TRIM615
faq FAQ0028All components
Does your RocketRAID series controller support Windows Home Server 2011Can I use your RocketRAID series controller with WHS 2011?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportWindows Home Server 2011, WHS 2011574
faq FAQ0027All components
Why does the RAID initialization take so long to complete, which method should I choose ?Which RAID initialization method should I use for my RAID array?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportRAID initialization, Foreground, Background or No Init872
faq FAQ0026All components
If I upgrade my RocketRAID controller to another modelI want to upgrade my RocketRAID controller to another model will my RAID still be accessible?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportUpgrade RocketRAID series, Accessible RAID720
faq FAQ0025All components
Expanding RAID array with OCEHow do I expand my RAID array using the OCE feature?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportOCE, expand RAID550
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