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faq FAQ0030All components
“Critical” markI saw a “Critical” mark shown on RAID management GUI applications and what does it mean.
Jun 1st 2012HighPoint Global SupportThe “Critical” mark is shown on RAID management GUI Applications413
faq FAQ0029All components
TRIM SupportDoes your RocketRAID controllers support TRIM?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportSSD and TRIM615
faq FAQ0028All components
Does your RocketRAID series controller support Windows Home Server 2011Can I use your RocketRAID series controller with WHS 2011?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportWindows Home Server 2011, WHS 2011574
faq FAQ0027All components
Why does the RAID initialization take so long to complete, which method should I choose ?Which RAID initialization method should I use for my RAID array?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportRAID initialization, Foreground, Background or No Init873
faq FAQ0026All components
If I upgrade my RocketRAID controller to another modelI want to upgrade my RocketRAID controller to another model will my RAID still be accessible?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportUpgrade RocketRAID series, Accessible RAID722
faq FAQ0025All components
Expanding RAID array with OCEHow do I expand my RAID array using the OCE feature?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportOCE, expand RAID550
faq FAQ0024All components
cannot use the CLI with my distribution of Linux, is there an update available.The CLI does not support my Linux distribution will there be an update?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportLinux CLI238
faq FAQ0023All components
I want to install Linux with latest 3.0 kernel, will your controllers work with the latest Linux Oses.Does the RocketRAID series controllers support the latest kernel releases?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportLinux, kernel 3.0, latest kernel490
faq FAQ0022All components
I attached the Mac OS X boot drive to my controller but it will not boot.How do I get my controller to boot to Mac OS X?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportBoot to Mac OS X, EFI430
faq FAQ0021All components
I cannot log into web GUI there is a local host is not found error messageHow do I log into your web GUI? I get an error message every time I try to login.
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global Supportweb GUI , log in error804
faq FAQ0020All components
After rebooting my system the RAID array is no longer accessible and all of the disk are reported as LegacyHow can I recover my RAID array if all of the HDD are reported as Legacy?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportLegacy, RAID no accessible741
faq FAQ0019All components
I tried to update the BIOS on the controller but the utility keeps reporting cannot find host adapter.When I try to update the controller BIOS, the utilities will report that no host adapter is found. How can I fit this?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportBIOS update, host not found.727
faq FAQ0018All components
The RocketRAID SAS controller is connected to a SAS TAPE drive but the device is not seen.Does your RocketRAID SAS controller support SAS TAPE devices?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportSAS TAPE236
faq FAQ0017All components
The RocketAID SAS controller is connected to a SAS Expander chassis but none of the HDD devices can be seenDoes your RocketRAID SAS series controllers support SAS expander chassis?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportSAS Expander318
faq FAQ0016All components
The controllers BIOS does not show up during system POST but the controller is seen in the OSWhy is the controller BIOS not seen during boot up but it is seen in the OS?
Apr 19th 2012HighPoint Global SupportNo BIOS detection, system resources966
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